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Link Dump: #63

Following up last week’s Jean Vigo kitty, we have one from Vigo’s short À propos de Nice. It’s just sitting by a sewer grate in Nice, when all of a sudden, there’s Jean Vigo and Boris Kaufman! And now it’s immortalized in film history. Yay kitty! Now here are some links:

We had a smattering of fantastic, strange search terms this past week. Like “docters do the opration of chute pussy.” Or the very valid inquiry “why is it called porn and not something else”? Imagine a world where it’s not called porn. Just imagine it! And lastly, “google to sex women to women love firends both lesbian gether weddnig pussy pussy in is the moives.” Jesus, that’s an epic search term!


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Link Dump: #32

What better than a lunar cat family to host this week’s (rather full) Link Dump! I was never personally fond of Diana myself; adding kids to the mix just ruins everything (just like what happened when they added Rini/Chibusa; you’d think they’d learn from their mistakes) but it’s an adorable kitty family to go with some adorable (and some severely not adorable) links!

Not much to share in the realm of search terms this week: we had somebody looking for the “la belle et la bete porn version” (hint: Cocteau didn’t make one, although Genet’s Chant d’Amour is as close as you’re going to get); someone else typed in the run-of-the-mill misspelling “secks fail”; and finally, we continue our chronicle of icky bestiality search terms with “fucking “cow pussy””. Does this mean the searcher wanted to learn about how to fuck cow pussies? Or just, you know, colloquially: fuckin’ cow pussy? We may never know. (I hope.)


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Pussy Goes Two Years Old!


Yes, you read that correctly: Pussy Goes Grrr has been up and around for 2 whole years, as of today! (The Earth Day thing is a total coincidence.) In the past year, so much has happened, both in our personal lives (Ashley moved and started college!) and on the blog (we both posted a lot!). But through it all, I’d like to think that we’ve maintained some semblance of integrity, as well as our commitment to mixing pop culture and sexual politics like a lime and a coconut. We’ve expanded, networked, pontificated, and had some fun. I hope we keep up these trends in the next year… but we’re all about our friends and readers, so if you have any ideas about where Pussy Goes Grrr should head in the future, comment below (or send us an email) and let us know!

In a reversal of last year’s birthday celebration, Ashley and I decided that we should write about each other’s work over the past year. So get ready for an orgy of self-linking and excessive praise (with no apologies)! Ashley’s posting frequency has declined somewhat as a result of major life events, like the afore-mentioned new apartment and full collegiate course load, and it’s a fact that consistently frustrates her. But she’s still managed to consistently write some intimidatingly incisive commentary on topics like fatphobia, reproductive rights, stereotypes, victim-blaming, and more. Her powerful, impassioned arguments blow me (and our readers) away every single time.

Thankfully, since last July, she’s also been hammering away at her Tumblr, Lead on, oh Kinky Turtle. She usually posts there on a daily basis, passing on the latest in progressive news, movie screenshots, and short essays of her own. If you have a Tumblr account, she’s absolutely must-follow. (Same goes for her Twitter feed, @Kinky_Turtle.) I’ll wrap up with a few of her other fantastic posts of the past year:


It’s hard for me to believe that another year has passed for Pussy Goes Grrr. Of course, it’s hard for me to believe that nearly a year has gone by since I moved and that I’m about to finish my first year of college and that Andreas is fucking graduating from college, holy fuck, man. Time is a strange thing. I haven’t been the most stellar blogger this past year but luckily where I failed, Andreas more than fucking made up for it. He put out an incredible amount of posts this past year; it’s staggering really, how much he wrote. How did he do it while still maintaining a full college course load and all of his interpersonal relationships? By not sleeping and putting a lot of shit off to the very last minute!

But ultimately it’s all worth it since it gives our readers a plethora of things to read! Andreas started off our second year well with a post about the world of infomercials and it all just got better from there. Andreas is one of the best fucking film critics/writers I know (and I’m not just saying that ’cause he’s my boyfriend; this guy is legit) and as a result he writes about movies, all kinds: from eviscerating E.T. to dissecting Divine, Andreas is in his element when it comes to film. So much so that he’s written for other film blogs: his work on 366 Weird Movies and The Film Experience are absolutely excellent and any regular readers of PGG would love it. If you’re a big fan of Andreas and still crave more of his witticisms and snark, definitely follow him on Twitter (@adonisinfurs). I’ll leave you with a few more of my favorite of Andreas’s posts:

  • Where I severely (and tragically) failed during October, Andreas was on fucking fire the entire month. Here’s a collection of the twenty-fucking-eight  fantastic Halloween posts he wrote, which includes pieces on Jacob’s Ladder, The Sentinel, James Mason narrating The Tell-Tale Heart and a complete run-down of the best and worst “Treehouse of Horror” episodes.
  • Speaking of The Simpsons, one of the best aspects of PGG is Andreas’s “Perfectly Cromulent Analysis” series. This boy knows his goddamn Simpsons. One of my personal favorites is, of course, “Bart Sells His Soul.”
  • As evidenced above, Andreas has a thing for creating series on PGG; some are currently dormant but one of the most successful is “One Hour Mark.”
  • Andreas also has a thing for lists. Especially movie lists: “2010: The Year We Make Lists.”
  • And finally, this caters to my own personal love of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies: “Welcome to my nightmare.”

To really cap it all off, Andreas and I want to collectively re-share one of our favorite entries of the past year: this very negative joint review of Adam Green’s Frozen for the Final Girl Film Club. Snark galore! And really, isn’t that what this blog is all about?

So there you have it, two whole fucking years of Pussy Goes Grrr. I recently described this blog as my and Andreas’s child, a child that is way cooler and more fun to take care of than a real kid. (A child that doesn’t starve to death when one of its parents neglects it for a long time.) It may sound sappy, but this is a blog that was truly built by love; we started it with our joint interests in mind and have watched it grow from there. I can only hope that the following year is more productive on my end and continually prolific for Andreas.

And now that I’ve gotten the sentimental stuff outta the way I shall leave you with one last thing. Last summer we decided to do a (usually) weekly Link Dump featuring links to things that we enjoy. There have been thirty link dumps since then and each one had its own kitty. And so I leave you with the Grid O’ Kitties:

Thank you all for a great year! Here’s to hoping for another!


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Link Dump: #2

This is an old picture of one of my family black cats, the creatively named “Mama Cat.” (Sometimes “Mother Cat”; my sister came up with “Snowball,” but it hasn’t stuck.) Because yes, every link dump is going to have a picture of a kitty. What do you expect? This is Pussy Goes Grrr, after all. That said, upward/onward to this week’s Internet goodies:

  • Tommy Wiseau, the thickly accented director behind the cult film The Room, has been capitalizing on his 15 minutes of ironic fame! First there was the recent trailer for his upcoming project The House That Drips Blood on Alex (cue the “WTF?”); now, with the help of noted bad advice haven AskMen.com, he’s released his Top 10: Tips For Making A Sex Tape. It must be read to be believed.
  • The AV Club’s great Scenic Routes feature covers one of my new favorite movies, Bigger Than Life. That’s right, Nicholas Ray predicted Glenn Beck.
  • The awesome folks over at Dead Homer Society recently talked about the flaws of “Homer’s Enemy” and its overall place in Simpsons history. They hit on several points I missed in my recent analysis, and as a bonus, their piece prompted a letter from Simpsons writer Bill Oakley! It’s a fascinating back-and-forth, and they make some very perceptive arguments, so go over and read it!
  • Amanda Palmer as the emcee in Cabaret! Even ze orchestra is beautiful.
  • Our friends at Happy Postmodernists were commented on by “a kind of legit author.” Fuck yeah.
  • And possibly my new favorite tumblr, FUCK YEAH GIRLS WITH SHORT HAIR.

Ashley adds:

And, as your reward for reading (and hopefully visiting some of) these links, here’s the week’s best search terms used to find this blog: “naked tricycle,” “mt olympus pussy,” “gore & gross shit,” and that eternal question, “is grrr a sexy response to a woman”? I can only say that it depends on the context. Have a good great weekend, all.


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